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Goggling with weak-muscled and diplopic eyes
at the round oracle of my spectacular world
I note that my right eye has a tendency to emphasize
the dominant colours and my
left the recessives
(so that what's plain to one eye
the other may see purled)

for instance: what's blood to my good right eye
is tomato juice to my left
and where my left eye
sees the hard blue sky
it's summer haze to the sight
of my right.

One eye assures me my child is pyretic
and the other guarantees he's
the left eye declares:
silver threads, my dear, you are growing old;
and the right eye swears
sweetheart, there's nothing but gold.

I only praise God for the light
and I take my sight
as I see it;
                  but there
may be a moral in this somewhere.