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William Herbert Carruth

each in his own tongue
A fire-mist and a planet,
A crystal and a cell,
A jelly-fish and a saurian,
... [read poem]
Upon the tinkling splintery battlements
Which swing and tumble south in ghostly white
Behe... [read poem]
the "student"
A minx of seventeen, with rather fine
Brown eyes and freckles and a cheerful grin,
She sau... [read poem]
winter landscape
The three men coming down the winter hill
In brown, with tall poles and a pack of hounds
A... [read poem]
the good conceit
[After W. E. Henley]

Out of the cloud that covers me
And blots the star... [read poem]
CHIDDEN still murmurs,
SLAPPED and RAPPED complain,
HURT, with a thousand tongues,
Wh... [read poem]
the eagle
They have him in a cage
And little children run
To offer him well-meant bits of bun,
... [read poem]
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

You who are still and white
And co... [read poem]
marching on

I heard the young lads singing
In the still morning air,
Gaily the note... [read poem]
the rhyme of the beast
Lo, the Beast that rioteth,
Sick with hate and coveting --
To the sons of men he sait... [read poem]
Lieutenant Keen was "great," and yet
He would look over the parapet;
And something smacked... [read poem]
charing cross
At five o'clock they ring a tinkly bell;
The April dawn glimmers along the beds,
There is ... [read poem]
What tale is this which stirs a world of knaves
Out of its grubbing to throw greasy pence
... [read poem]

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