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  Behold the rocky wall
  That down its sloping sides
Pours the swift rain-drops, blending, as they fall,
  In rushing river-tides!

  Yon stream, whose sources run
  Turned by a pebble's edge,
Is Athabasca, rolling toward the sun
  Through the cleft mountain-ledge.

  The slender rill had strayed,
  But for the slanting stone,
To evening's ocean, with the tangled braid
  Of foam-flecked Oregon.

  So from the heights of Will
  Life's parting stream descends,
And, as a moment turns its slender rill,
  Each widening torrent bends, --

  From the same cradle's side,
  From the same mother's knee, --
One to long darkness and the frozen tide,
  One to the Peaceful Sea!