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'Ere the day dawns, while yet white are the seas, set out you will;
With the lust of holding the oars filling your palms,
The contentment of doing something filling you, go you will,
Go you will, as the waves stir;
Fish will be meeting you, you'll be glad;
As you pull the nets, the sea, in each scale will meet your hand.

When the souls of seagulls go quiet in their rock-tombs,
Suddenly, a turmoil will rise on the horizon;
Think you they are jellyfish? Think you they are birds?
Think you they are holidays, feasts? Celebrations, gatherings?
Wedding bells, headpieces, veils, ornaments?

Hey! What the hell are you waiting for, cast yourself into the sea!
They're waiting for you back there? Nevermind...
Don't you see that freedom is everywhere,
Be the sails, be the oars, be the tiller, be the fish, be the water,
Go... go... go--as far as you can go...