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Rosanna Eleanor (Mullins) Leprohon
Rosanna Eleanor Mullins was born in Montreal and educated at the Convent of the Congregation of Notre Dame. She contributed poems, serialized novels, and short stories to the Literary Garland (1847-51) and other journals. She married in 1851 Dr. Jean-Lukin Leprohon and, of their 13 children, eight survived. The two poems in this selection reveal what this marriage meant to her. Later she published the novels for which she is most remembered, The Manor House of de Villerai (1860), Antoinette de Mirecourt (1864), and Armand Durand; or, a Promise Fulfilled (1868). She died September 20, 1879. Biographical information Given name: Rosanna Eleanor (Mullins) Family name: Leprohon Birth date: 1829 Death date: 1879

the moon and the yew tree
"This is the light of the mind, cold and planetary.
The trees of the mind are black. The light ... [read poem]
You do not do, you do not do
Any more, black shoe
In which I have lived like a foot
F... [read poem]
Your clear eye is the one absolutely beautiful thing.
I want to fill it with color and ducks,... [read poem]
epitaph (on a commonplace person who died in bed)
THIS is the end of him, here he lies:
The dust in his throat, the worm in ... [read poem]
the bride of a year
She stands in front of her mirror
With bright and joyous air,
Smoothes out with a skil... [read poem]
in the mile end road
HOW like her! But 'tis she herself,
Comes up the crowded street,
H... [read poem]
I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
What ever you see I swallow immediately
J... [read poem]
love letter
Not easy to state the change you made.
If I'm alive now, then I was dead,
Though, like a s... [read poem]
winter landscape, with rocks
Water in the millrace, through a sluice of stone,
plunges headlong into that black pond
wh... [read poem]
Stasis in darkness.
Then the substanceless blue
Pour of tor and distances.

God'... [read poem]
Each night, this adroit young lady
Lies among sheets
Shredded fine as snowflakes
Unti... [read poem]
ALL things I can endure, save one.
The bare, blank room where is no sun;... [read poem]
to lallie
UP those Museum steps you came,
And straightway all my blood was flame,... [read poem]
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