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   Lighted Agni flames forth high,
   Flings a radiance on the sky,
   And his lustre, glorious, bright,
   Mingles with the morning light.
And Visvavârâ chants her holy prayer,
Faces the east, and brings her gifts to Fire!

   Lord of Eternity! Lord of skies!
   Presiding Lord of sacrifice!
   Agni! Whoso worships thee,
   By him with thy blessings be!
Whose blazing altar sacred Agni lights, --
Affluence dwells with him and pious rites.

   Agni! On the altar shine,
   Flames and radiance bright be thine!
   Grant us wealth with thy red flame,
   Quell our foes, increase our fame!
Invest our homes with blessings from above,
And link our men and wives in bonds of love!

   Agni! On the altar shine,
   Flames and radiance bright be thine!
   And I lift my pious hymn
   To thy bright effulgent beam!
Bounteous god! Red lustre e'er be thine,
Flame on our altar, glorious and divine!

   With pious hands we light thy flame,
   With pious lips we chant thy name!
   Invoke unto our sacrifice
   The glorious bright gods of the skies!
For thou art Priest in every pious rite,
And makest gifts to gods with radiance bright!

   Then let us unto Agni pray,
   And he our offerings will convey!
   And let us unto Agni sing,
   And he the radiant gods will bring!
Priest and God! to thee we humbly pray,
Our pious offerings to the gods convey!