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Miss, I'm a Pensive Protoplasm,
Born in some pre-historic chasm.
I, and my humble fellow-men
Are hydrogen, and oxygen,
And nitrogen, and carbon too,
And so is Jane, and so are you.
In stagnant water swarm our brothers
And sisters, but we've many others,
Among them animalculae,
And lizard's eggs -- and so, you see,
My darking Vesta, show no pride,
Nor turn coquettish head aside,
Our pedigrees, as thus made out,
Are no great things to boast about.
The only comfort seems to be
In this -- philosophers agree
That how a Protoplasm's made
Is mystery outside their trade.
And we are parts, so say the sages,
Of life come down from Long Past Ages.
So let us haste in Hymen's bands
To join our protoplastic hands,
And spend our gay organic life
As happy man and happy wife.