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To the tune of 'The Foggy, Foggy Dew'

They call me Venal Vera, I'm a lovely from Gezira,
The Führer pays me well for what I do.
The order of the battle, I obtained from last night's rattle
On the golf course with a Brigadier from 'Q'.

I often have to tarry on the back seat of a gharry,
It's part of my profession as a spy,
While his mind's on copulation I'm exacting information
From a senior GSO or GSI.

When I yield to the caresses of the DDWS's
I get from them the low-down on the works,
And when sleeping in the raw with a major from G4
I learn of Britain's bargain with the Turks.

On the point of the emission, in the 23rd position,
While I quavered with exotic ecstasy,
I heard of the location of a very secret station
From an over-sexed SO from OS3.

So the Colonels and the Majors, and the whisky-soaked old stagers
Enjoy themselves away from England's shore,
Why bring victory nearer when the lovelies of Gezira
Provide them with a lovely fucking war?