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Once there was a lady fair,
    With black eyes and curly hair,
She has left this world of care,
    Sweet Carrie Munro.


Sweet Carrie Munro,
Dear Carrie Munro,
And her friends will not forget
Sweet Carrie Munro.

Now those friends miss Carrie here,
    For she was loved both far and near,
She has left them all in tears,
    Sweet Carrie Munro.

Carrie's age was twenty-three,
    A married lady, too, was she --
A mournful parting had to be,
    From Carrie Munro.

Just before her spirit fled
    Her husband stood by her dying bed;
"Prove faithful, birdie, to me," said
    Sweet Carrie Munro.

Sad will memory pass o'er
    That loved form that is no more --
She is waiting on the other shore,
    Loved Carrie Munro.

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