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John Milton (December 9, 1608 – November 8, 1674) was an English poet, prose polemicist, and civil servant for the English Commonwealth. Most famed for his epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton is celebrated as well for his eloquent treatise condemning censorship, Areopagitica. Long considered the supreme English poet, Milton experienced a dip in popularity after attacks by T.S. Eliot and F.R. Leavis in the mid 20th century; but with multiple societies and scholarly journals devoted to his study, Milton’s reputation remains as strong as ever in the 21st century.

on his blindness
When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
... [read poem]
Freedom, as every schoolboy knows,
Once shrieked as Kosciusko fell;
On every wind, i... [read poem]
The cur foretells the knell of parting day;
The loafing herd winds slowly o'er the lea;... [read poem]
at a vacation exercise
The Latin speeches ended, the English thus began

Hail native language, that by... [read poem]
Once I dipt into the future far as human eye could see,
And I saw the Chief Forecaster, dead as... [read poem]
Once I seen a human ruin
In a elevator-well.
And his members was bestrewin'
A... [read poem]
to the bartholdi statue
O Liberty, God-gifted--
Young and immortal maid--
In your high hand uplifted,
... [read poem]
the day of wrath / dies iræ
Day of Satan's painful duty!
Earth shall vanish, hot and sooty;
So says Virtue, so says Be... [read poem]
The pig is taught by sermons and epistles
To think the God of Swine has snout and bristles.

Rimer, n. A poet regarded with indifference or disesteem.

The rimer quench... [read poem]
Again and again through the day
I meet a cat.
In the tree's shade, in the sun, in the crow... [read poem]
with a book
Words shouting, singing, smiling, frowning--
Sense lacking.
Ah, nothing, more ... [read poem]
Thou shalt no God but me adore:
'Twere too expensive to have more.

No images nor id... [read poem]
the statesmen
How blest the land that counts among
Her sons so many good and wise,
To execute great ... [read poem]
the new decalogue
Have but one God: thy knees were sore
If bent in prayer to three or four.

Adore no ... [read poem]
an inscription
For a Statue of Napoleon

A conqueror as provident as brave,
He robbed the cr... [read poem]
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