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Work while the day is long,
While the right arm is strong,
While the life-blood is young,
   Night cometh on.

Work while the sun is high,
In the bright smiling sky;
Swiftly life's minutes fly:
   Night cometh on.

Strive with thy heart and soul;
Press to the distant goal;
Waste not the hours that roll:
   Night cometh on.

Life is a season lent;
Moments are treasures sent;
See that they're wisely spent:
   Night cometh on.

What thy hand finds to do,
That, with thy might, pursue,
With a brave heart and true:
   Night cometh on.

What though we toil in pain,
'Twill not be all in vain;
Haste then the good to gain:
   Night cometh on.

What though grief rack the breast?
Doth there not come a rest?
Let us then do our best:
   Night cometh on.