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   The Snows is iron set in.
The times act not as it Were.
Snared in snapfrost Nofaskosha:
We's Dis Gusted by govvermint,
   We be hauling Hardships long as pines --
All White whips which you Putting
to us here Since we be breathing
And Luvving. Goddam lashings harp
our Crimsoning hirt.
   Your Onnour verry well knose
wheather Ragerlations shell change,
shift, for our Sattersfaction.
You forgit us, so we be Nothing --
Like rain, Sobbing over water.
   Is there any Nourishmen,
such as Oat meal Molassis
or Shuggar,
a Littl Wine and Speerits
to Heet our Harts?
   Is there Sum Sope
to scour up
your Cownsil's muddying Lyes?