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Yes! on the annals of my race,
    In characters of flame,
Which time shall dim not nor deface,
    I'll stamp, my deathless name.

The fire which on my vitals preys,
    And inly smouldering lies,
Shall flash out to a meteor's blaze
    And stream along the skies.

Clafed as the angry ocean's swell
    My soul within me boils,
Like a chained monarch in his cell,
    Or lion in the toils.

To wealth, to pride, to lofty state,
    No more I'll bend the knee,
But Fortune's minions, meanly great,
    Shall stoop their necks to me.

The God which formed me for command,
    And gave me strength to rise,
Shall plant His sceptre in my hand,
    His lightning in my eyes;

Shall with the thorny crown of fame
    My aching temples bind,
And hail me by a mighty name
    A monarch of the mind.

Me, heaven's bright galaxy shall greet
    Theirs by primordial choice,
And earth the eternal tones repeat
    Of my prophetic voice.

Stung in her turn, the heartless fair
    Who proudly eyes me now,
Shall weep to see some other share
    The godhead of my brow;

Shall weep to see some lovelier star
    Snatched to my soul's embrace,
Ascend with me Fame's fiery car
    And claim celestial place.

Tune oh! my soul thy loftiest strain,
    Exult in song and glee,
For worn has snapped each earthlier chain
    And set the immortal free.

Minds destined to a glorious shape
    Must first affliction feel;
Wine oozes from the trodden grape,
    Iron's blistered into steel;

So gushes from affection bruised
    Ambition's purple tide,
And steadfast faith unkindly used
    Hardens to stubborn pride.