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A female I by name
        Am sister to a brother:
In all the world may not be found
        Our like, nor one nor other.
For he no sooner dies
        But I straightways do live:
And I oft yielding unto death
        Still life to him do give.
Oft after him I hie
        And gladly would him stay:
But he than arrow from the bow
        More swiftly flies away.
Straightways he follows me,
        My presence to attain:
And as he fled from me before,
        I fly from him again.
Though strange our state doth seem,
        By proof ye may it try
That both of us are still alive,
        Yet both do daily die.
That ye may better know
        What strangers great we be,
We day and night do dine and sup
        With men of each degree.