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Poets should not reason:
     Let them sing!
Argument is treason --
     Bells should ring.

Statements none, nor questions;
     Gnomic words.
Spirit-cries, suggestions,
     Like the birds.

He may use deduction
     Who must preach;
He may praise instruction
     Who must teach;

But the poet duly
     Fills his part
When the song bursts truly
     From his heart.

For no purpose springing;
     For no pelf:
He must do the singing
     For itself.

Not in lines austerely
     Let him build;
Not the surface merely
     Let him gild.

Fearless, uninvited,
     Like a spring.
Opal-words, inlighted,
     Let him sing.

As the leaf grows sunward
     Song must grow;
As the stream flows onward
     Song must flow.

Useless? Ay, -- for measure;
     Roses die,
But their breath gives pleasure --
     God knows why!