THE MASKED FACE - Francis Burdett Money-Coutts Poems


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I found me in a great surging space,
    At either end a door,
And I said: "What is this giddying place,
    With no firm-fixéd floor,
    That I knew not of before?"
    "It is Life," said a mask-clad face.

I asked: "But how do I come here,
    Who never wished to come;
Can the light and air be made more clear,
    The floor more quietsome,
    And the doors set wide? They numb
    Fast-locked, and fill with fear."

The mask put on a bleak smile then,
    And said, "O vassal-wight,
There once complained a goosequill pen
    To the scribe of the Infinite
    Of the words it had to write
    Because they were past its ken."