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CROPS like hedgehogs, high-crown'd hats,
    Whispers like Jew MOSES ;
Padded collars, thick cravats,
    And cheeks as red as roses.

Faces painted pink and brown ;
    Waistcoats strip'd and gaudy ;
Sleeves thrice doubled thick with down,
    And straps to brace the body.

Short great-coats that reach the knees,
    Boots like French postillion ;
Worn the G----- race to please,
    But laugh'd at by the million.

Square-toed shoes, with silken strings,
    Pantaloons not fitting ;
Finger deck'd with wedding rings,
    And small-clothes made of knitting.

Curricles so low, that they
    Along the ground seem dragging ;
Hacks that weary half the day
    In Rotten-row are fagging.

Bull-dogs grim, and boxers bold,
    In noble trains attending ;
Science which is bought with gold,
    And flatt'rers vice commending.

Hair-cords, and plain rings, to shew
    Many a LADY's favour,
BOUGHT by ev'ry vaunting beau,
    With mischievous endeavour.

Such is giddy FASHION's son !
    Such a MODERN LOVER !
Oh ! wou'd their reign had ne'er begun !
    And may it soon BE OVER !