THE HOUSE OF LIFE: 36. LIFE-IN-LOVE - Christina Rossetti Poems


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Not in thy body is thy life at all
      But in this lady's lips and hands and eyes;
      Through these she yields thee life that vivifies
What else were sorrow's servant and death's thrall.
Look on thyself without her, and recall
      The waste remembrance and forlorn surmise
      That liv'd but in a dead-drawn breath of sighs
O'er vanish'd hours and hours eventual.

Even so much life hath the poor tress of hair
      Which, stor'd apart, is all love hath to show
      For heart-beats and for fire-heats long ago;
Even so much life endures unknown, even where,
      'Mid change the changeless night environeth,
      Lies all that golden hair undimm'd in death.