MATH IS BEAUTIFUL AND SO ARE YOU - Becky Dennison Sakellariou Poems


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If n is an even number
*then I'll kiss you goodnight right here,*
but if the modulus k is the unique solution,
*I'll take you in my arms for the long night.*

When the properties are constrained as well as incomplete,
*I'll be getting off the train at this stop.*
However, if there is some positive constant,
*then I'll stay on board for a while longer.*

When it says that the supremum deviates from the least zero,
*my heart closes off.*
But if all moments are infinite and you can hear me,
*I will open out for you.*

This sequence satisfies the hypothesis of uniformity,
and because we know that approximation is possible
and that inequality is an embedding factor,
*come, let's try once more.*