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Amy Levy
Amy Levy (1861 1889) was a British poet and novelist. She was born in Clapham, London into a secular Jewish family. She was educated at Brighton High School, and studied at Newnham College, Cambridge; she was the first Jewish student at Newnham, when she arrived in 1879, but left after four terms. Her circle of friends included Clementina Black, Dollie Radford, Eleanor Marx (daughter of Karl Marx), and Olive Schreiner. Levy wrote stories essays and poems for periodicals, Her second novel "Reuben Sachs" (1889) was concerned with Jewish identity and mores in the England of her time (and was consequently controversial); "Reuben Sachs," her first novel "Romance of a Shop," and other writings, including the daring "Ballad of Religion and Marrriage," reveal feminist concerns. Xantippe and Other Verses (1881) includes a poem in the voice of Socrates's wife; the volume "A Minor Poet" has dramatic monologues too as well as lyric poems. Her final book of poems, "A London Plane-Tree" (1889), contains lyrics that are among the first to show the influence of French symbolism. She travelled widely in Europe and was said to have fallen in love with Violet Paget (Vernon Lee), the fiction writer and literary theorist, who was six years older than herself. She had suffered from depression from an early age which, together with her growing deafness, led her to commit suicide at the age of twenty-seven by inhaling carbon monoxide.

erthe toc of erthe, erthe wyth woh
Erthe toc of erthe, erthe wyth woh.
Erthe other erthe to the erthe droh.
Erthe leyde erthe... [read poem]
lenten is come with loue to toune
Lenten is come with loue to toune,
With blosmen and with briddes roune
That al thi... [read poem]
summe men sayon that y am blac
Summe men sayon that Y am blac.
Yt ys a colour for my prow.
Ther Y loue ther ys no lac.... [read poem]
All night I muse, all day I cry,
Ay me!
Yet still I wish, though still deny,
... [read poem]
nou goth sonne under wode
Nou goth sonne under wode.
Me reweth, Marie, thi faire rode.
Nou goth sonne under tre.
Me reweth, Marie, thi sone and the.
make we mery bothe more and lasse
Make we mery bothe more and lasse,
For now is the tyme of Crystmas.

Lett no man cum... [read poem]
my lefe ys faren in a lond
And for your love evermore wepyng I syng thys song ...

My lefe ys faren in a lond.
... [read poem]
thirti dayes hath nouembir
Thirti dayes hath Nouembir,
April, June, and Septembir;
Of xxviijti is but oon,... [read poem]
the vicar of bray
In good King Charles's golden days,
When loyalty no harm meant;
A furious High-Church ... [read poem]
when aurelia first i courted
When Aurelia first I courted,
She had youth and beauty too,
Killing pleasures when she spo... [read poem]
will he no come back again?
Royal Charlie's now awa,
Safely owre the friendly main;
Mony a heart will break in twa... [read poem]
whanne ich thenche thinges thre
Wanne Ich thenche thinges thre
Ne mai neure blithe be.
That oon is Ich sal awe.
That ... [read poem]
“Why dois your brand sae drap wi bluid,
Edward, Edward,
Why dois your brand sae drap ... [read poem]
barbara allan
It was in and about the Martinmas time,
When the green leaves were a falling,
That Sir J... [read poem]
mary hamilton
Word 's gane to the kitchen,
And word 's gane to the ha,
That Marie Hamilton gangs wi ba... [read poem]
maiden in the mor lay
Maiden in the mor lay,
In the mor lay,
Seuenyst fulle, seuenyst fulle.
Maiden in th... [read poem]
there was a young plumber of leigh
There was a young plumber of Leigh
Was plumbing a maid by the sea.
Said the maid, "Ce... [read poem]
a lady while dining at crewe
A lady while dining at Crewe
Found an elephant's whang in her stew.
Said the waiter, ... [read poem]
they say that i was in my youth
They say that I was in my youth
Uncouth and ungainly, forsooth!
I can only reply,... [read poem]
the football match
O wild kaleidoscopic panorama of jaculatory arms and legs.
The twisting, twining, turning, tuss... [read poem]
hind horn
In Scotland there was a babie born,
Lill lal, etc.
And his name it was called young Hi... [read poem]
Lenten ys come with love to toun{.e},
With blosmen and with bridd{.e}s roun{.e},
That ... [read poem]
times is hard
Please don't burn our shit-house down,
Mother has promised to pay.
Father's away on the oc... [read poem]
when christ was born of mary fre
Christo paremus canticam,
In excelsis gloria.

When Cryst was bo... [read poem]
clerk saunders
Whan bells war rung, an mass was sung,
A wat a' man to bed were gone,
Clark Sanders ca... [read poem]
the wife of usher's well
There lived a wife at Usher’s Well,
And a wealthy wife was she;
She had three stout an... [read poem]
there was a young man from darjeeling
There was a young man from Darjeeling,
Who got on a bus bound for Ealing;
It said at ... [read poem]
edom o' gordon
It fell about the Martinmas,
When the wind blew shrill and cauld,
Said Edom o' Gordon ... [read poem]
Mary, in a fit of blues,
Put the baby up the flues.
Mother said, “Oh, what a bore!
Now the kitchen fire won’t draw.”
foweles in the frith
Foweles in the frith,
The fisses in the flod,
And I mon waxe wod;
Mulch sorwe I walke with
For best of bon and blod.

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