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To sum up all, I'm old -- and that's
   A fact the years decide;
It is a common thing with cats
   And not a thing to hide.

But to feel what it is -- how kind
   How true to love and law
For this you must be quite resigned
   And not avoid its paw.

It does not come as reckless foe
   A shrinking prey to take,
But with soft footstep that we know
   By comfort in its wake.

Though it spoils something -- that is true,
   Which we must learn to lack
And takes alike from me and you
   What never does come back.

It caters for our failing strength
   In many a dainty scrap,
And gently lays us at our length
   In some secluded lap.

It may bless you -- (I think it should)
   Beyond what I make out,
With things perhaps too great and good
   For cats to talk about.

Since I find in it blessing free
   From all it can destroy,
And so its progress is to me
   A miracle of joy.

But my look out to occupy
   And make the most of that.
You must be quite as old as I,
   If not yourself a Cat!